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Mangrove Respite
Tri Color Heron - Ding Darling

Acrylic 13 x 20 on Claybord


At the moment this is a work in progress but near complete. The Tri-Color Heron is a medium size heron that frequents back waters and mangrove swamps. The bird pictured here was a resident of Ding Darling NWR on Sanibel Island in Florida. Here the birds are extremely comfortable with humans walking about. But be careful where you walk as there are water moccasins, many alligators, and fire ants aplenty. The Tri-color  in adult plumage is a fairly bright blue gray color with lavender ruffs over the back and lower neck, the white on the belly rounds out the three colors. During the mating season the  fleshy area from the joint of the beak to the eyes will turn a bright blue color which is otherwise yellow. They feed by wading slowly in the water waiting and watching for small fish to swim by. In the peak of the sun, when the reflection of the sun on the water is strong they will often mantle their wings at shoulder height to cut out the sun's glare on the water.

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Tricolor Heron


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