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In The Rough
Tufted Titmouse In Young Cherry Acrylic 10 x 14 on Masonite


The Tufted Titmouse is a favorite of feeder watchers. During the gray of winter these happy little blue/gray birds flit back and forth from the feeders. They prefer to eat alone, once a seed is selected they will fly away from the feeder to a perch to consume the seed. Their happy song can include the familiar sounding of Peeeee-Tee

Between trips to the feeder these small birds feel more secure in the rough of shrubs and brush. From this perch they can observe the  open area for  any danger.  This  little  fellow  is  shown in  the  early spring  perched  on a young  Cherry  tree.  The color  of the  tree  echoes  the  rusty  red  patch of  feathers under  the wings.  He  seems  ready to make another trip to the feeder.  Once the leaves  have  opened  these  little guys will be harder to spot with the eye but  their song will assure you they are still in the neighborhood.

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Tufted Titmouse In Young Cherry


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