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Black Capped Chickadee

Acrylic 12 x 9 on Claybord


The Black Capped  Chickadee is the state bird of Mass. but is very common throughout New England. A frequent visitor to feeders in the winter, it is a full time resident of the Northeast. Everyone seems to enjoy the Chickadee as they flit from branch to branch and wing with an undulating flight. Their small but happy voices can be easily recognized. They tend to tolerate humans well. It is not unusual to have them jump to the feeder after it is filled and being re-hung. Some will even feed from an open palm.

I photographed the little one at a friends home sitting on a dwarfed and dead pine branch. I eliminated the tree from the visual field and used a faux gradient background in an attempt to isolate and bring attention to the bird and the rhythm of the branch.

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Black Cap Chickadee


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