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Field Feed
Snowy Owl Mantling

Acrylic 16 x 20 on Canvas Board


The Snowy Owl is typically the resident of the most northern reaches of the world. They generally feed on rodents and even birds as large as ducks. With global warming the Snowy Owl territory has expanded to rare sightings as far south as the Carolinas. They have become a concern to some as they prefer the tundra-like landscape of airports with high perches and flat ground which allows them to spot prey easily. Concern is with the potential for collisions with airplanes on landing and take-off.

Many raptors will stand over their prey until it has expired. They will often mantle their wings to cover their catch  to avoid it being seen by other competing predators.  The male Snowy Owl is generally whiter by having fewer black markings. The Female has more of the salt and pepper markings which makes it look like a rock covered with black lichen and snow white nesting. This therefore is more likely a female.

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Snowy Owl


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