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Dance Of The Fisherman
Snowy Egret - Everglades NP

Acrylic 16 x 20 on Claybord


During a visit to Everglades NP in Florida I stopped on the roadside at a pool of water. Sometimes it pays to just sit and wait. On this occasion I was treated to the fishing display of a Snowy Egret. I had my motor drive on and was able to get a sequence of pictures of this unusual technique. This egret fished by flying just over the water dragging its feet. The noise in the water drives the fish to the middle but the egret's loops get tighter congregating the fish in the middle. Once there, the egret dipped it's head into the shaded area under its body and plucked out a fish. Because egrets and heron are from the same species group sometimes it is difficult to identify one from the other. Egrets more often have black legs while herons have yellow or yellow/gray legs. The other identification mark is the bright yellow feet with black legs on the Snowy Egret.

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Snowy Egret


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