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Waiting On Weather
Atlantic Puffins -
Acrylic  20 x 13 on  Museum Board


A few years back I spent a full day on Machias Seal Island. It is situated about 10 miles off the coast of northern Maine. Seal Island while disputed as both US and Canadaian territory it serves as one of the few North American rookeries for the Atlantic Puffiin, Razorbill, Common Tern, and Arctic Tern. Getting onto the island is an adventure itself as there is no formal pier or dock. One must jump from a Zodiac raft at the peak of the tidal swell onto seaweed covered rocks. This particular day a storm was approaching and the birds aligned with the wind. We made a hasty retreat to the mainland but got a very rocky ride home.

The trail to the bird blinds weaves between the Tern nesting sites, which are on the ground.  One must wear a hat and carry a pole raised above your head as the Terns display displeasure of your being in their territory. 

The Puffin rookery is on the rocky western shore of the island.  Puffins are plentiful and can be observed coming and going from thier rocky burrows, often with a beak full of well ordered fish. The Clown of the Sea is beautiful with its stark black and white body, and prominate colorful striped beak.

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Puffins Waiting On Weather

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