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Marsh Songs 1
Male Redwing Blackbird

Acrylic 6 x 18 on Claybord


This panel is the first of two panels depicting the Red Wing Blackbird. It uses a presentation technique of two associated panels side by side, called a diptych. Traditionally the panels were joined together by a hinge. Today we still use the word in this looser form. My intent was to show the male and female Red Wing Blackbird in its habitat, the marsh lands. The male can be seen atop the reeds striking out his song of mating and warning. He really gets into his performance by mantling his wings exposing the red and yellow shoulder patches loudly singing what is described as "Ooaka-leeee". The more sedate  female spends her time in the lower reaches of the rush were she makes her nest. Her feathers of browns, golds, and white  make for better natural camouflage for the protection of nest and young. Both the male and female hunt for food once the chicks have hatched and present their hardy appetites.

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Male Red Wing Blackbird


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