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Hazy Hot and Humid

Acrylic 20 x 30 on Masonite

This painting depicts a Merlin Falcon on a juniper tree. The tree

I had complete for some time. I had originally thought of a

Crow bent over giving an alarming Kaw! But I accidentally

painted a branch it was to sit on visually going out the wrong

direction so the Crow would not fit anymore. Therefore I

waited knowing the right bird would come along. I tested a few

raptors on the branches and they seemed too large for the tree

top. I choose one of the smaller falcons, the Merlin, on a higher

branch in a peaceful pose and its attention off canvas.  My

Merlin photos from  Parker River NWR served me well.  The

tree is on the cliff edge of Sugarloaf Mountain (state park) in

South Deerfield, MA and hangs over the cliff face. I tried to

convey a hot and humid-like atmosphere - just too hot to fly or


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Merlin In Juniper


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