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Maple Leaves
Fall and Winter

Watercolor on 140 lb Cold Press


These are actually two separate images representing Fall and Winter. The single leaf series will be complete when the Spring and  Summer leaves are painted. New England is known for its colorful fall display courtesy in most part to the reds and yellows of the Maples. But New Englanders admire the Maples year round. In the Spring season the first buds of the leaves open in their bright yellow green and the air is scented with the sweet smell of the pollen. The Summer brings the dark green color and their fullness caps the canopy and shades all that is below them. The winter finds the leaves crisp and brown a reminder of the fall and the promise of Spring when the sap rises once again to re-enter the cycle of life as a Maple.

These watercolor paintings, as prints will be available as both single and series images. The series image will be a narrow height panoramic format  and leaves life size.

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Maple Leaves Fall Winter


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