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Hitching A Ride
Humpback Wahle and Calf

Acrylic 17 x 21 on Masonite


The Humpback Whale being a mammal bares its young by live birth. Immediately on being born the calf is pushed to the surface of the water for it's first breath. The calf stays close to the mother for about 1 year. During this time they learn the migration routes following it's mother. Because the calf is a weaker swimmer and the migration long, the calves will position themselves behind their mothers' head. Here the drag of the water is greatly reduced much like the suction one feels with a passing trailer truck on the highway.

Although I have been a diver and been on many whale watch trips to observe whales I have not swum with them. This is my vision of what a calf would look like Hitching A Ride.

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Humpback Whale


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