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Fence Sitters - House Sparrows
Acrylic 9 x 11 on Claybord


Many people care little about these imported, yet now resident members of the Sparrow family. They tend to have very sucessful nestings so they often seen as large family groups. They are agressive birds at the feeder and once found they can pick it clean in no time. Their introduction to the America's was either accidental or intentional with thier origin in Europe and as far east as Asia. The tend to tolerrate humans fairly well and being opportunistic eaters can often be seen around areas where human food may be dropped, such as parks and resturants.

I personally like them with the female easily confused with other Sparrow species and the male with the striking black mask and throat marking and out of the tube Burnt Sienna coloration to the shoulders and head. This pair is pictured on my old stockade fense in the back yard with the bright reds of a fire bush in fall coloration.

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House Sparrows


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