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Gone Fishing
Little Green Heron

Acrylic 16 x 23 on Claybord


The Little Green Heron is one of the smallest of the Heron family group. It has wide distribution across the US with the exception of the rocky and mountainous states of the west  (less water habitat). It favors water creatures as its source of food. It can sit patiently waitng for a fish to swim by, or wade for crayfish and water bugs. A recent Youtube video has shown they can even learn to use bread crumbs left at duck ponds to bait fish closer to their reach. This painting is set in the Mangrove forest and amongst American Lotus, typical in the southeast. The Mangroves grow so dense they block out the sunlight. The fallen tree here offers an excellent dry perch for fishing. It's retracted neck and determined stare seems to indicate success is near.

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Little Green Heron


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