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Great Gray Owl

Acrylic 18 x 24 on Masonite


The Great Gray Owl is one of the world's largest owls. It has been called "The Phantom of the North" or "The Old Man of  The Forest". It's distinctive  lemon yellow eyes and deep wide facial discs give it a unique and inquisitive look. Silent flight wings can span about 6 feet in total width. It also has one of the longest tails as well. The large facial discs enhance the owls' ability to hear subtle sounds by focusing the sound to the ears. This species can even detect a mouse moving under the snow. When detected it will accurately plunge into the snow and grasp it's prey. With it's large size and tree top dwelling it has few natural predators. The young in their nest are vulnerable but the adults will defend the chicks fiercely and can even deter a Black Bear.

This owl is depicted in the fall in a high perch of  a Maple. The cool mist of early morning diffused the light except for the  bright fall colored maple leaves.

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Great Gray Owl


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