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Goose Rocks Estuary
Rachael Caron NWR

Acrylic 8 x 20 on Masonite


Goose Rocks Beach is at the more northern boundaries of the Rachael Carson NWR in Kennebuckport, ME. It is dominated by a large estuary that fills and empties into the Atlantic ocean near- by hence its name of Goose Rocks Beach. I spent a week here in a rental where this was my daily view off the porch. I watched the waters rise and fall and with the exchange of the tides also the different birds that exchange with the level of the water. Although it was only late summer already a few of the trees in Maine had started to turn their fall colors New England is famous for. The Refuge has multiple visitor sites with the main site being south in Wells, ME. There you can find many easy hiking trails that will take you on a walk trip first through forests with songs birds and out onto the estuary. In my graphite field sketches you will find a Brown Creeper drawing  from my observations there. Creepers go up the tree in a spiral while Nuthatches spiral down.

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Goose Rocks


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