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Beach Bunny - Cotton Tail
Fort Hill, Cape Cod

Acrylic 20 x 16 on Claybord


The Cottontail rabbit is the common rabbit species in the northeast. It has shorter ears and hind legs than its cousin the Snowshoe Hare. It is not uncommon for them to frequent backyards where they are seen feeding on clover within the lawns. When they spot a potential threat they will first freeze in position so that motion will not give them away. It is humorous to see that they will do this while standing in the middle of a tree less yard. Only when directly approached will the flight instinct kick in as well as their hind legs as they sprint away to safety.

I spotted this fellow on Cape Cod at the Fort Hill site  which overlooks Nauset Estuary. It was just a few weeks after Hurricane Andrew hit the northeast coast. As a result of the massive wind and water, much of the loose sea grass from the estuary was washed far ashore. It clustered and was trapped by brush from going further ashore. This rabbit was sitting quietly amongst the grass and patiently allowed me the pleasure of taking its photo.

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Cotton Tail Cape Cod


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