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In The Hammock
Barred Owl - Corkscrew Swamp

Acrylic 16 x 20 on Claybord


The Barred Owl is quite common, as owl numbers go, in the Northeast. Each Owl has a distinctive call the Barred sings its night song of "Who cooks for you, Who cooks for you all." It is most frequently a night hunter, gliding out of the darkness on soft and silent wings. It is a moderately large owl with a round dome like head without tufts. They can be either a brown or gray phased or a combination of both. They have large near black eyes centered in predominate facial disks. As a flute player I have had many an occasion to play my flute outdoors at night and hear the Barred Owl singing its phrases back to me.

This Barred Owl image is one of many taken during the day on a trip to the National Audubon Sanctuary at Cork Screw Swamp in Florida. It was roosting high in the dense canopy yet right over the boardwalk in the wettest section of the trail.  Here it just silently watched everyone walking the pathways. It is exciting to know they are so comfortable in the safe  surroundings of the sanctuary. A great opportunity to see this wonderful bird first hand.

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Barred Owl Cork Screw Swamp


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