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Hunkered Down - Northern Cardinal

Acrylic  16 x 8 on Masonite


When the winter is long and the feeders are few or empty the birds commonly seen around feeding stations will revert back to foraging. Although seeds are preferred they will eat natural seeds from the plants, berries and fruit. If you have feeders keep them clean and well filled during the winter months. The worse the weather the more the birds need your support. They will thank you with their appearance at your window. In this scene we find the striking red Northern Cardinal perched on an ornamental apple tree branch. The winter has been long and is still not over as the snow continues to fall through the gray sky around him. He has pulled his neck tight to his body and Hunkered Down to retain his body heat. Although ever watchful he seems ready to make a meal of these small red fruits until the feeder is once again filled.

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Cardinal In Snow


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