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Graphite - Drake Mallard

Water Birds Card Set or
Hand Painted Ltd Edition Print
on 140 lbs Water Color Paper


These graphite images are selections from my field sketch
book. The work is initially done quickly onsite while observing the animal first person and later often refined. They are excellent study and practice for potential re-use in a painting in the future. They are most often small in size. The original sketches are  approximately  3" to  6" in size yet retain a tremendous amount of detail.  Because of the small size we have decided to release them on note cards printed on warm tone, 140 lb, Cotton Rag, watercolor stock. This image is part of the Water Birds Note Card Set which contains 5 cards and envelopes each with a different species depicted on it.

Single images will be available but ONLY as a hard painted (Acrylic)  print of an edition limited to 25. These will be presented on the same stock as the Note Cards and original sketch size.

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Graphite Drake Mallard


Available in Note Card Set or Hand Painted Limited Edition!Get in touch...