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King of The Boardwalk
Brown Pelican

Acrylic 18 x 24 on Canvas Board


The Brown Pelican is one of two North American species, the White being the second. Their US resident range is from Florida up to the Chesapeake Bay area with infrequent visits as far north as Maine. They typically spot fish from the air and tuck and dive into and under the water after its prey. The large pouched bill makes for a big scope of water and most often its prey. The water is squeezed out and the fish swallowed whole.

This Brown Pelican was first photographed at the boat dock on the mainland side of the Sanibel Island Causeway, on the way  during one of many trips to Ding Darling NWS. This fellow spotted some of the sport fishermen coming to shore. They seem to be well trained to know this "might" mean a meal of fish or fish parts for the easy taking. He strolled down the dock watching me over his shoulder as I approached. The face says "attitude" so I walk clear of him but got a few shots off  nevertheless. You can almost hear him saying "Look I was here first, this is my dock, go find a meal somewhere else!" He did get a treat from a fisherman gobbling it up whole so that the outline of the fish shape was easily visible through its neck.

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Brown Pelican


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