White Crow Arts


Learn about us and what we do best.


Our Intentions


At this time in history it is easy to see the pressures being placed upon the natural world. Species are becoming extinct at faster rates, resources are being depleted, and our nautral habitat is shrinking. Awareness is our intent and we attempt to raise that awaewness through the medium of art. We hope our interpretation and rendering of these images will inspire and educate you through its beauty.

How we got here


Barry began his interest in Nature and Art early in his childhood. Born of the woods and supported by his family he devoured books about nature, spent countless hours in nature, and amassed a collection of references. His gift of art has been primarily self taught as even the small schools he attended had no formal art instruction. No scrap of paper escaped a rendering. The art took a back-seat, for self enjoyment, while Barry pursued an executive career in Healthcare. Now in retirement Barry has chosen to further develop his art and share it with others like yourself.

What does White Crow mean?


Barry is descended from the Pennacook People of New Hampshire, a tribe of the Abenaki/Wabanaki Nation. This is Barry's Native American name which translates in Abenaki as Wobi Mkazas. There are many Native origin stories for the White Crow but one in particular from the Northwest Tribes resonates. In the story, in a time before the two legged (man), all things were white of color. The Creator asked White Crow to assist by being the one to paint all his/her creations with the beautiful colors of which they now exist.

How We Serve You


We value our art and strive to make it a lifetime value to you as well. We use the highest  quality substrates, papers,  paints, and mediums. Our high standard giclee prints are made with archival and color fast inks and printed on heavy archival cotton rag stock or canvas. We continually research out the best products to use for our work. We ship all pieces in packaging designed to withstand the rigors of shipping and are fully insured to the value of the piece.  If a piece arrives damaged you will be guarrented a refund or replacement. Your total satisfaction is our goal.

Our History

Barry Higgins
Barry was born in the foothills of New Hampshire in Peterborough. He later moved with his family to Hatfield, MA  He had intended to pursue art in higher education. But the times suggested his second interest of Medicine would be a preferred choice. Art became secondary, for self enjoyment and recreation. After nearly 30 years in a sucessful medical career Barry left healthcare to pursue a career as a musical instrument maker. White Crow Flutes was formed and although Barry does not make flutes full time he still produces specialty flutes and consults to museums on their collections. Barry married Victoria  and moved to New Jersey where she works. With Victoria's support Barry took early retirement to persue his art. Barry has been busy painting new pieces and imagining existing work for archival prints. We are now positioning our work for sharing with the public in exhibitions. Such dates will be posted in the Blog section of this site.